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Software as a Service is a model of software deployment where an software is licensed for use as a service provided to our customers on demand. On demand licensing and use alleviates the customer’s burden of equipping a device with every software. It also reduces traditional End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) software maintenance, ongoing operation patches, and patch support complexity in an organization. On demand licensing enables software to become a variable expense, rather than a fixed cost at the time of purchase. It also enables licensing only the amount of software needed versus traditional licenses per device. SaaS also enables the buyer to share licenses across their organization and between organizations, to reduce the cost of acquiring EULAs for every device in their firm.

Software As a Service

In making key fundamental decisions in system and technical architecture, ecrux adopts a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach where deemed necessary. This means our clients can rest assured that they will always get the best solution, irrespective of cost to us.

Take for example, a client wanted to create a CRM system which was costing them well over their required budget. Instead of turning them away, what we did was create a solution which more than one company can use yet is tailored/configured specifically to the company using it and charged them a small monthly fee instead of a large fixed cost. By doing this we were able to offer our client a low-cost solution specific to their requirements without them having to spend thousands.

Take for example, our client was storing terabytes worth of data and always running out of hardware capacity to handle such data. Not only did we help organise their data to be more efficient and reduce redundant data, we provided them a solution which expands based on the amount of storage they require.

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