Gbl Group is a solution consulting firm in the field of IT, Telecom, Educational, charity, and Human resource. We help clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations. We tackle their most difficult issues and serious challenges.

We have an unparalleled depth of both functional and industry expertise. Our resource includes MBA Graduates from leading school and industry experts ranging from Technology to Business Guru.

Our experiences in industries such as Educational consulting, Telecommunications, Technology, Import & exports

Due to our high qualified staff and deep knowledge we offer mature solutions and IT services in such areas as banking, finance, and insurance, healthcare. Premium quality, deep analysis, prompt service, affordable cost, process transparency make Gbl Group Solutions your dependable partner in the world of modern business. We concentrate on the integrity and ethics your company requires (both world’s leading companies and mid – sized businesses) and help to move your project, to benefit by custom software development.

Being situated in the USA and Development centers of India, that has lower operation costs, we can guarantee affordable total cost in comparison to on-and off-shore companies without any losses of product quality


At the age of electronic commerce technology and modern devices almost every sphere of life has changed, especially – business sphere. That’s why a successful business process always includes the advantages of technology, skilled and professional team who can help in developing your own business by using these latest advantages.
Gbl Group services Systems mission – to be your first contact on the way to global business

Our main principles and steps:

1. Close contact with the client: We understand our customer’s needs and do our best according to their requirements. Every step made on your way to success is accompanied by specialists from Gbl Group services Systems we support your product 24-hours a day and develop it from the very beginning till the very end.

2. Deep analysis of the product : Gbl Group services Systems examines the product and keeps analyzing the work at every level using only well-known and modern technologies, in order to avoid an undesirable risk and develop your business in the best way.

3. Top-quality : Gbl Group services System’s top-quality is well-known among its customers. We guarantee the best execution, at the best time and at the best price. Every level of our work is deeply analyzed and perfectly implemented according to your demands.

4. Professional team : Every person in Gbl Group services Systems is an educated, skilled and experienced specialist in many IT knowledge areas. Our main aim is to consult, develop and move your business using all the knowledge, professionalism, own experience and adopted methods to the highest position.


Web Development : E- marries

Blackberry Mobile App : Indian Rummy in Blackberry App. Worldwide

Project Description : Connected News is an iPhone application that gives you with the most updated news from Customized server.

Project#2 : PICTAGE Project Description: One of the largest providers of online photo sharing and professional photography services, Pictage has hundreds of thousands of events online including weddings, engagement and portrait sessions, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and more

Project#3 : FASTPENCIL

Project # 4 Care Connector Description : Care connector is a social network site. And is use full for long disease points. It is with three modules. Primary caregiver, secondary caregivers and patients are the modules primary caregiver creates a network for a single patient and add secondary caregivers. For a particular patient(s). Technical Environment: Cocoa Touch,Objective C,iPhone SDK 3.1.2 and Sdk 3.2 for iPad

Project # 5 PMT Description: This is native application of iphone. PMT project helps to identify Pneumonia in a person and prescribe appropriate drug for it. User can enter his/her symptoms in this software and according to those symptoms PMT automatically prescribe drugs and tests. Technical Environment: Cocoa Touch, Objective C, iPhone SDK 3.1.2.

Project # 6 Visine RER Description: Visine RER is a iPhone application to remove the red eye from and image

Project # 7 JobCoach Client : Buoyant Life. Description : JobCoach is the application to move job search forward with 2-Minute To-Do’s: manageable tasks for every step of the process. Environment: Cocoa Touch, Objective C, iPhone SDK 3.0.

Project # 8 Fintrack Client : PrithviSolutions Description: A conceptual framework to estimate market risks in real time. It helps a fund manger analyze the performance of each stock or financial instrument in depth and make pre investment decisions easily. It is a comprehensive set of well defined statistical and mathematical model- based, real time business problems and proprietary models that cater to the needs of the fund manger to face real time scenarios in the business on daily basis. Environment: Cocoa Touch, Objective C, iPhone SDK 3.0.


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